how i ended up here


Hi! My name’s Catherine (Cat) Eager. I am a forever exploring, coffee guzzling, beer loving,

plastic hating, snowboarding, ocean obsessed, smoothie indulging, adrenaline junkie. Oh, and most importantly (and probably the only thing you actually care to know) a self-taught photographer

and (fully educated) graphic design nerd. 


I attended Keene State College in southern New Hampshire, where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts focusing in Graphic Design. After that, I moved to Boston, and then Connecticut where I worked

for a number of years in the Graphic Design Industry. My employment ranged from a production designer for small Graphic Design studio, to a role as (the one and only) Marketing Designer for a 500+ person company, to a Graphic Designer for a top Financial PR Company. Needless to say,

I ran the gamut in experience, all while freelancing on the side. I reached a point in my career where I was doing well, and could see myself progressing down the path I was on. However,

I longed for travel, inspiration, and more life. Which brings me to now;

I currently reside in Prague, Czech Republic, or as they now call it, Czechia. I created my own brand, Wildcat Wanders, to help gather all of my passions under one roof. All of my inspiration is derived from my travels. Whether it be the people I meet, the places I see, the food I eat, music I hear, or funny comment I catch passing someone on the street; it all feeds my creative output.

The combination of my diverse background and unconventional lifestyle allows me to approach 

my projects in a unique way resulting in outcomes that are different from most. I put my heart, soul, sweat, and sometimes tears into the work that I produce. Whenever I am designing I want my clients to be just as proud of the final product as I am. I hope that you can see the passion I have

for what I do, and can trust me to create meaningful and functional designs for you.